Specializing in the manufacturing of lost wax investment castings and machined parts in carbon steel and alloy steel,
        our company is a large-scale professional investment casting foundry with powerful machining capabilities in China.
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        IATF 16949:2016

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          ISO 9001  






        ISO 9001


        ISO 14001

        Mission statement  
        Measuring our performance in areas which contribute to our customer's competitiveness.
        Creating systems which allow us to repeat sucess with minial variance.
        Discovering ways to work more efficiently, in order to increase value to customers with the least cost.
        Treating every customers and employees with respect and diginity, recognising that people are the key to our success.
        Quality Service = Quality Products  
        At casting products, customers receive our complete attention. All of our efforts are directed to make sure that customers needs are completely satisified. If the way we work is not quite fit the way you work, we'll adjust accordingly. If customers have unexpected problem or special request, we will take extra effort to handle it quickly and efficiently.
        ¡¡¡¡At longxing, quality control is an active, not reactive, function of manufacturing. Quality assurance starts the minute raw materials come in the door and continues through every stage of the casting process. We achieve part-to-part consistency, so the last casting is the same high quality as the first.

        ¡¡¡¡All our manufactures have quality control systems consistent with IATF 16949:2016 and ISO9001:2015 quality control systems.Continuing statistical process control and process capability improvement is applied for all products manufacturing process. Our commitment and continuous effort in improving product quality has established our image as a high quality manufacture and supplier.

        ¡¡¡¡We aim to be world class, committed to customer satisfaction & to encourage the spirit of leadership amongst our dedicated team by creating a healthy environment for continuous growth, profit and prosperity.
        We provide various test facilities as mentioned under£º  
          Chemical analysis
        Tensile Strength
        Yield Strength
        Elongation rate
        Shrinkage rate
        Impact Test
        Hardness Test
        Non-Destructive tests£º
            Magnetic particle.
        surface roughness tester
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        Direct-Reading Spectrometer(F20)
        Test the chemical composition of material.

        Tension Tester(WEW-600)
        Test mechanical properties of material including: tensile strength, yield strength, elongation rate, shrinkage rate

        Impact Test Machine(JB-300)
        Test the impact physical property of material

        Low Temperature Chamber For Iimpact Specimen(CDW-60)
        Used to low down the temperature of specimen for impact test.

        Hardness Test Machine(HB-3000)
        Test the Brinell hardness of material.

        Portable Harder Tester
        Test the Brinell hardness of material.

        Metallographic Microscope(4XB£¬4XC)
        Analyse Metallographic structure of material.

        Ultrasonic Testing Machine(PXUT-27)
        Inspect the internal defects(shrinkage,porosity).

        Portable Magnetic Particle Tester
        Test the defects on surface & sub surface of metal products(like cracks)

        Magnetic Particle Testing Machine(CJW-2000)
        Test the defects on surface & sub surface of metal products(like cracks)

        Intellectualized Temperature Gauge
        Test the temperature of melted steel.

        Non-contact infrared thermometer
        Test the temperature of melted steel.

        Surface Roughness Tester
        Test the roughness of machined surface.

        Coordinate Measuring Machine
        Test the geometric dimension, shape and position of the object.

        X-ray Tester
        Inspect the internal defects(shrinkage,porosity)

        Meterage worktable

        Physical Property & Non-Destructive Test Center£¨room A£©
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